Partner-reported price violations

A partner can report another partner’s violation of our Price Accuracy Policy. If the report is valid, Google may suspend the hotel or block those prices from being presented to users.

View your suspended hotels

The Suspended hotels tool lists your hotels that have been suspended. It displays information about the suspension and the issues found during the investigation.

To view your suspended hotels:

  1. Sign into your Hotel Center account.
  2. Select Properties > Suspended hotels.

For extra tips, check Improving Price Accuracy.

Submit re-evaluation requests

If one or more of your properties have been suspended, you can view the suspended properties in the Hotel Center and request that Google perform a re-evaluation to remove them from the Suspended hotels list.

To submit a request for re-evaluation:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Properties > Suspended hotels.
  3. Select the "Currently suspended" tab. Hotel Center displays a list of suspended hotels.
  4. Find the property that you want to have re-evaluated and click Request re-evaluation.
  5. (Recommended) Enter a note to submit with the re-evaluation request.
  6. Click Submit. The re-evaluation process typically takes between 2-3 weeks for Google to complete.
Note: Requesting a re-evaluation isn’t necessary for properties suspended due to consistently inaccurate prices. These properties are periodically validated and removed from the suspension list after the prices are fixed.

Check re-evaluation request status

You can check if your requests for re-evaluation were approved. If approved, properties will be removed from the list of suspended hotels, otherwise the re-evaluation will be rejected and remain suspended.

To check the status on your suspended properties:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select the Properties > Suspended hotels.
  3. Select the "Waiting for re-evaluation" tab. Hotel Center displays a list of properties for which you have submitted re-evaluation requests. Each property's status is displayed as "Pending", "Suspended", or "Not suspended" in the "Status" column:
    • Pending: The request for re-evaluation is currently being processed.
    • Not suspended: The request for re-evaluation has been processed and the property was removed from the suspended hotels list.
    • Suspended: When the pricing was re-evaluated, the listing continued to show inaccurate data or the request was rejected for another reason. The property remains suspended. Check your listing's data again before requesting another re-evaluation.

Report price violations

You can report another partner's price violation in Hotel Center. Google will evaluate the report and take appropriate action.

To report a price violation:

  1. Open Hotel Center in a browser.
  2. Select Pricing > Reported violations.
  3. Click Report a pricing violation.
  4. Enter the Google Maps URL for the property and click Verify. Use the URL you're redirected to after visiting Google Maps and searching for your property. If the property exists, you'll be provided with a form to fill out details about the violation.
  5. (Optional) Provide an ad URL by right clicking on the offending partner's ad, select Copy link address, and paste the URL in the field. Using this, we can populate the booking details and site info sections automatically.
  6. Provide the booking details of the offending partner.
  7. Using the provided booking details, we'll populate a list of booking sites for you to choose from. The options provided are the site's name displayed to you associated with the price on Google. If the one you're trying to report isn't listed, contact support.
  8. Select the reason for the price violation:
    • Incorrect base rate: Hotel base price isn't accurate for a given itinerary.
    • Incorrect taxes or fees: Prices are missing any required taxes or fees.
    • No availability: Price isn't available.
    • Not a hotel or indoor lodging business: Property type is invalid.
      • Choose the closest option available to your issue. If you can’t find a suitable option, contact support.
  9. (Optional) Enter any additional information or evidence for this price violation.
  10. Click Submit. The process typically takes 7 business days.

After you submit a violation report, Google's price accuracy team manually reviews the report and takes appropriate action. If the data is indeed inaccurate, Google immediately suspends the offending property.

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