Adding Users to the Hotel Ads Center


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

This article explains the 3 levels of Hotels Ads Center access and gives you the steps to add users to your Hotel Ads Center.

How it works

There are 3 levels of access for Hotel Ads Center users: view, edit, and owner.

View access

View access is the most basic level of access. This level provides view access to all performance data and tools available in the Hotel Ads Center. These users can see the initial performance dashboard, apply more filters, and download information on the resulting tables.

Users with view access can also view groups and group-property assignments. All tools are available for viewing, and, where possible, downloads are available. Lastly, you can view budgets currently set for your account.

Edit access

Users with edit access can view all pages on the Hotel Ads Center and change any of the available fields. With this access level, a user can do the following:

  • Set account default, group, and property level bids
  • Add and edit property groups
  • Add and edit budget caps

A user with edit access and a developer account can also access all programmatic Hotel Ads APIs. Learn more about Travel Partner API.

Owner access

Users with owner access get all the access provided to users with view and edit access, plus the ability to control access for the account. Users with owner access can see all users who have access and change their permissions.

How to give users access

Access to the Hotel Ads Center is managed through a sharing widget similar to that used in Google Docs. You can access the widget through the add users button located to the right of the Account tab:

Note: The share button is only visible to users with owner access. When you enter the sharing widget, you can view all users who have access to the account.

To give a new user access, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the Hotel Ads Center.
  2. Click add users Add collaborator.
  3. Enter the user’s email address in the Invite people text box. If you’re adding multiple users, separate their email addresses by either a new line or a comma.
  4. By default, new users get "Can edit" access. Change this when you add new users by following the steps below:
    1. Click Can edit.
    2. Select a different access level.
  5. Click Done.

Any email address you add to the Hotel Ads Center needs to be associated with a Google Account. Learn how to associate an existing email address with a Google Account.

Get access for a custom domain

If you use Google Apps on a custom domain (a domain owned by your organization), and you encounter an error stating that you don't have access to this service, your domain administrator may need to use the Google Admin console to turn on the Partner Dash service. Learn more about how to control who can access Google services.

In Additional Google services, the “Top featured services” filter is on by default. To see all the available services, you must remove the Top featured services filter by clicking X in the top corner. To restore the filter, check the Show top featured services box in Filters.

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