How to integrate with Hotels

Thank you for your interest in Google Hotels. We have two ways you can integrate to display your hotel(s) on Google:

  • Hotel Prices: Lets you send hotel prices to Google which will be eligible to show in the organic hotel listings (and can be used as part of a Hotel Ads API implementation). You can work with one of our third-party integration partners.

    For an up to date list of all our third-party partners, please visit the Hotel Ads website.

  • Hotel Ads: Lets you set bids and compete for booking links displayed alongside hotel search results on Google via the Hotel Ads auction. You will also have access to the Hotel Ads Center to view performance reports. To integrate using the Hotels Ads API, you must perform a series of one-time tasks to set up your environment. More information on these steps can be found in our Data Feeds Overview.
Third-party partners can help with the integration of individual hotels and smaller hotel chains. Only third-party integration partners who have completed the integration process appear on the Hotel Ads website.

If you prefer to integrate directly with Google, complete the direct integration request form. We'll review your request and be in touch if your business qualifies for a direct integration.

Review the Hotel Ads criteria and policies to check your eligibility before you begin.
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