Click to Call

What is Click to Call?

With Click to Call, mobile users can click a button to call a specific partner to book hotel rooms. It gives users the option to book a hotel over the phone with the assistance of a live call center agent. Clicking on the call button launches the users “dialer” app (with the partners’ phone number pre-populated).

The Click to Call feature will:

  • Encourage users to book over the phone with the assistance of a live call-center representative
  • Display a clickable call button with your ad (on high-end mobile devices)
  • Cost the same as a book button click (a standard CPC)

What are the requirements to participate?

To participate you need to:

  • Be opted-into mobile devices by providing deeplinks to a mobile-optimized website
  • Have access to a toll-free call center to handle offline bookings
  • Ensure the rates shown to users via Hotel Ads listings are bookable via the call-center for the same price

Where will Click to Call appear?

Click to Call will show on Google’s mobile properties alongside partner “Book Buttons” in placements such as booking widgets or “view more rates” pages.

How do I bid for Click to Call?

The Click to Call feature will function in parallel with the existing HPA auction and is not bid on separately. Call buttons appear alongside an advertiser’s “Book Buttons” which are ranked using the normal HPA Auction.

Technical Implementation Overview

If you would like to show call buttons on your Hotel Ads you will need to create a new POS within the Points of Sale file with <Phone> as an optional top level element of <PointOfSale>. You will need to create a new, optional “type” attribute with value of “phone” for <PointOfSale>, for which the parser will support <Phone> instead of <URL> and apply phone POS rules/restrictions.

You must comply with the following guidelines:

  • The new POS must be unique to a given user country, as this determines which phone number a user will be redirected to (and we don’t want users making international calls)
  • The new POS can only be configured in countries we have explicitly whitelisted for Click to Call
  • Within the new POS, you should provide a <Phone> element instead of a <URL> element
  • If there are charges for offline booking via a call center (e.g. per-minute fee, booking surcharge, etc), these must be provided in the POS file
If you would like to direct users to different phone numbers for different brands, or exclude certain hotels from Click to Call, you can use the “allowable points of sale” tag within the Hotel Prices feed to explicitly match hotels with the right Click to Call POS.
Example Configuration

TravelAgencyUSCallCenter is the POS for the call center. You can set up multiple call centers and map them to hotels via the <AllowablePointsOfSale> </AllowablePointsOfSale> message in the Hotel Prices feed:

<PointOfSale id="TravelAgencyUSCallCenter" type="phone">
     <Match status="yes" country="US"/>
     <Match status="yes" language="en"/>
     <Match status="yes" language="es"/> 
     <Match status="yes" currency="USD"/> 
     <Phone number="+18321234567">
         <Fee type="per_minute" value="0.99" currency="USD"/>
         <Fee type="booking" value="2.99" currency="USD"/>
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