Using Room Bundles to boost performance

What are Room Bundles?

By default, Google Hotel Ads will show prices for the cheapest double-occupancy room for each eligible partner. Additionally, you have the option to also provide rates for other Room Bundles or packages. A user can view those offerings by expanding the “More Rates” option and clicking on one of the partners.

In some cases, the additional room bundles you specify may also show in the booking unit, resulting in a larger ad placement.

Room Bundles are combinations of types of rooms, occupancies, amenities, and purchase policy details. This is additional data provided by you beyond minimum prices for 2-person occupancy. These bundles represent an up-sell opportunity for you to go beyond the 2-person occupancy offering. With it, Google can provide greater personalization and you can display more offerings to users.

You can provide Google with Room Bundle Prices in your existing Price feed.

Benefits of participation:

  • Chance to show a larger ad unit that lists different room bundles.
  • Prominent display of your room rates when users click "View more rates" from Hotel Ads.
  • Better qualified and higher value leads, as users are expected to actively select a room bundle of interest, often including several amenities.
  • Ability to show different bundles of attributes, instead of just cheapest 2-person occupancy room (more value comparison).

An example of how room bundles may appear in the an ad unit.

Click pricing and Ranking:

The price paid for a click on any room specific Book button remains the same as for a click through the regular auction.

Specification for Room Bundles

You can find the specification for Room Bundles in the developer’s section. Some of the bundle attributes you should deliver include number of occupants, refundability, breakfast, internet, and parking inclusion. Name and description are fields available for free form text.

How can I get started

Please see the technical documentation linked above. Once you have completed development work and are ready to test, please contact us through the contact form.

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