Use Room Bundles and rate features

Room Bundles and rate features offer a chance to show a custom ad unit to boost performance


Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

By default, Google Hotel Ads will show prices for the cheapest double-occupancy room for each eligible partner. But you can also provide rates for other Room Bundles as well as rooms with rate features.

Room Bundles are a set of ads that show different types of rooms, occupancies, and purchase policy details. Rate features may include breakfast, internet, parking, free miles, car rental, hotel credit, a refundable rate, or loyalty program membership benefits.

These bundles and rate features represent an up-sell opportunity beyond the 2-person occupancy rate. You can provide greater personalization for customers and display more room types and room packages.

A user can view room bundles by expanding the “More Rates” option and clicking on one of the partners. In some cases, the room bundles you specify may also show in the booking unit, resulting in a larger ad placement. Rate features appear in the booking unit.


  • Attract customers with certain rate features, such as car rental, loyalty program benefits, or free miles
  • Better qualified and higher value leads, as customers are expected to actively select a rate feature or room bundle they may be interested in
  • Chance to show a larger ad unit that lists different types of rooms
  • Up-sell customers with different room types or rate features

How to use them

Some of the room bundle and rate feature attributes you should deliver include number of occupants, refundability, breakfast, internet, and parking inclusion. Name and description are fields available for free-form text.

You can provide Google with Room Bundle and rate feature prices in your existing Price feed. (Note: Room bundles and rate features differ from hotel amenities, which are features of a hotel not tied to a price, and which are defined in your Hotel List Feed.)

Room bundle example

The following image shows how an ad unit may appear with a room bundle:

Rate feature example

The following image shows how an ad unit may appear with a rate feature:

Keep in mind:

  • When specifying both a room bundle and rate feature, the rate feature takes precedence over the room bundle when your hotel ad appears.
  • The price paid for a click on any room-specific "Book" button remains the same as for a click through the regular auction.
  • You can see syntax for room bundles and rate features in the transaction message section of the developer's site.

Use Room Bundles for shared rooms

If you're trying to book beds in a shared room such as a hostel, you can use Room Bundles to convey that pricing and occupancy information. For example, if you wanted to set a price for one bed in a shared room, you can:

  • Use the name element inside <RoomData> in transaction messages to indicate to the traveler that the room is a dorm.
  • Use the occupancy element inside the <RoomBundle> element to set the price for 1 bed.

Learn more about hostel pricing with room bundles

Get started

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