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Note: You are viewing an article about the Hotel Ads Center, which has been replaced by the Hotel Center as the primary feeds platform for Google Hotel Ads. Learn more about the new Hotel Center experience.

The best performing hotel ads are usually the ones that provide users with the most information (e.g. details about your entire inventory). Use all available information about your properties and specific users to optimize the impact of your ads. Depending on your advertising goals, find out which options in this article work best for you and follow the suggestions.

This article explains several actions you can take to increase your ad performance.

Regularly manage your ad settings

Once your ads are live, manage their performance through the Hotel Centerto make sure information stays relevant. For best results, do the following:

  • Provide information about your entire inventory of hotels to Hotel Ads.
  • Provide room and package metadata about all rooms in your properties.
  • Provide prices and bids for all the hotels in your inventory.
  • Update prices as frequently as possible to ensure high price accuracy.
  • Provide landing pages in various languages, currencies, and devices to reach a large audience.

Take actions according to your goals

In order to set the appropriate bids for Hotel Ads, make sure you understand a booking’s value to you. The goal should be to maximize return on investment (ROI) while driving as many bookings as possible.

1. Increase eligible impressions

To help increase the number of eligible impressions, try these tips:

  • Add more inventories to your Hotel List feed.
  • Review and fix any over-clustered hotels in your Hotel List Feed using the Manual Match Fix tool so that they can be indexed.
  • Provide prices for all hotels in your feed, and for as many itineraries as possible.
  • Provide an accurate breakdown of base price, taxes, and fees for all hotels.
  • Use the proper attribute if your prices are all-inclusive.
  • Ensure that your bids are above the reserve bid.
    • If the 'price bucket' column in the Performance Report is '-1', the bid for the hotel was below the reserve bid.

Tip: Your Performance Report provides metrics to help you understand how hotel ads perform, including conversion metrics. Learn how to access your Performance Report.

Advanced solutions to increase eligible impressions

If you want to increase your eligible impressions even more, try these advanced solutions:

  • Provide rates for longer length of stays and for future bookings.
  • Participate in Room Bundles.
  • Submit landing pages that support multiple languages and currencies.
  • Update your site to be optimized for mobile users.

2. Improve impression share

To enhance your impression share, try these tips:

  • Use your Performance Report to analyze the price buckets of your hotels and hotels in lower price buckets.
    • Update your prices as necessary to stay competitive.
  • Ensure that your bids are competitive. Review the “Price bucket” column in your Performance Report. If it's showing '-1', the bid for the hotel was below the reserve bid, and will not show.

Advanced solutions to increase impression share

If you want to enhance your impression share even more, follow these steps for an advanced solution:

  1. Evaluate the performance of your hotels across dimensions such as user country, Google Site, length of stay, and device type in your Performance Report.
  2. Analyze which dimensions are performing well and which dimensions are not performing as well.
  3. Adjust your bids based on how they are performing.

3. Improve clickthrough rate

To help increase your clickthrough rate, try these tips:

Use your Performance Report to ensure that your bids are above the reserve price.

Note: If the 'price bucket' column in the Performance Report is '-1', the bid for the hotel was below the reserve bid.

Advanced solutions to enhance clickthrough rates

If you want to grow your clickthrough rates even more, try these advanced solutions:

  • Use Room Bundles to provide users with more context and options.
  • Check the slot_position of the impressions on the hotels, and raise your bids in your Performance Report.
  • Measure the ROI based on these slot_position increases and tweak bids accordingly.
  • Target higher positions and slots through bid and price optimization as outlined above.

For more information on how to improve your Hotel Ads’ performance, see our Optimizing Performance videos.

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