Hotel owners: Starter guide

Hotel owners: How to get started on Google

Manage your hotel’s information, rates, and ads
How to be a hotel supplier on Google
Note: This guide is for hotel owners or a representative of the owner looking to manage a hotel's online presence with Google. This guide provides details on how to (1) set up and manage a Google Business Profile, (2) get your hotels' rates and availability connected to show your direct booking link on Google, and (3) get started with ads.
If your business doesn't fit this description, don't worry. There are alternative ways to get started on Google.

Millions of people around the world search for hotels and other lodging on Google every day. It's important to provide Google with accurate information rates, and availability for your hotel, so that Google can help your potential customers find and book your hotel. To make the process easy, we've outlined 3 simple steps for you:

Three steps to create an hotel account with Google

1. Identify your hotel

2. Share your rates

3. Run hotel ads (optional)

Note: "Hotel" is used here generically to mean lodging with permanent on-site staff. To learn more about how we categorize lodging, review our categories for lodging businesses.

Hotels starter guide for Google Business Profile

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