Approvals overview

Hire’s approval features give you more control over jobs and offers. Job req approvals require job creators to get approval before publishing any job to your company career site and any external jobs sites. Offer approvals require members of a hiring team to get approval for an uploaded offer letter before sending it to a candidate.

To use job req or offer approvals, they will need to be turned on by a system admin. Users will have the option to choose anyone as an approver.

Learn more about the approval process and get step-by-step instructions on how to add approvers and request approval for your job reqs and offer letters.

As soon as job req approvals is turned on:

  • All new jobs will require approval before they can be published.
  • Approvers will receive an email notification that they need to approve new or modified jobs and offers.
  • Changing certain fields will unpublish a job and require it to be reapproved
  • If you turn off job req approvals, pending approval requests will be canceled and its status will be changed to "open."

Things to know before turning on job req approvals

Approvers will need to respond to email notifications to approve new or modified jobs 

Approvers will receive an email notification alerting them that they’ve been selected as an approver for a job. Make sure approvers are aware of these email notifications so they can promptly review approval requests.
Note:  If you are an admin, you may want to communicate your company’s policies about selecting approvers before turning this feature on.

All new jobs will require approval before they can be published

Any job created after job req approvals is turned on will need to be approved by all approvers before it can be published.

Changing certain fields may require reapproval

Admins can manage the approval settings for custom and standard job fields in the admin settings. Learn more.

If you edit a field value that requires reapproval:

  • Pending approval requests for the job will be canceled and you will need to submit a new approval request once you've finished your changes.

  • Jobs with an "open" status will change to "draft". If the job was published, it will be unpublished from the career site and from Hire's job feeds for third party sites like Glassdoor or Monster. Once you've finished your changes, you will need to get approval before the job status will return to "open" and the job can be republished.

Choose which fields are required

When job approvals are turned on, admins can choose which custom and standard job fields are required to request approval, and which are required for reapproval if edited. Learn more about setting up custom fields.

Salary access is restricted to a job's creator, hiring managers, recruiters, job approvers, and admins, unless "visible to all job seekers" is checked, which will give visibility access to all users and job seekers. Learn more about job permissions.

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