April 2019 release notes


Upgraded reports

Hire’s interactive reports have been upgraded to make it faster and easier to answer key questions about your recruiting process, such as: Where are candidates getting stuck in your process? What sources are most effective? Why are some candidates turning down offers? Learn more.

Posting to ZipRecruiter

Allow Hire to share your jobs with ZipRecruiter. Learn more.


Interview invite templates

Interview invite templates allow you to select a predefined or custom template when you’re inviting a candidate to an interview. Learn more.


[Open Beta] Hire mobile app

Hire just made it easier for companies to recruit on the go with the beta release of our mobile app. Learn more.

The app enables recruiters to try out the following functionality:

  • Search and view candidate profiles
  • Review candidate applications
  • Email and call candidates
  • Search and view jobs
  • Review job and offer approval requests
  • Receive push notifications for Hire updates
  • Replace declined interviews


Improved select all

Hire now allows you to select all candidates in the table, including those beyond the current view, allowing you to work quickly when executing bulk actions on a large number of candidates.

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