Mobile Overview

Hire on the go with the Hire mobile app! With the mobile app, you’ll be able to:

  • Get real-time updates and review applications directly on your mobile device.
  • Collaborate with your team and reply to important comments.
  • View new candidates and feedback, and stay prepared for upcoming interviews.
  • Communicate with candidates with a phone call or email wherever you are.


Don't miss candidate updates

Set up notifications to stay on top of time-sensitive updates so you don’t miss candidate updates, like an upcoming interview. Click on these notifications to go directly to the mobile app so you can stay up to date with your hiring process.


Take action on time-sensitive issues from anywhere

The Hire mobile app makes it easy to respond to urgent messages. Stay prepared for upcoming interviews with notifications about schedule changes or declined interviews.


Get repetitive tasks done faster and smarter

Quickly review new applications and change a candidate’s application stage directly from your phone. With the Hire mobile app, you can quickly take care of repetitive tasks while you’re away from your desk.


Quickly view and submit feedback

You can rate candidates and provide your feedback on-the-go.


Stay prepared for any interview

No laptop--no problem! The information you need, like a candidate’s resume, is available in the palm of your hand to keep you prepared for your interview.


Quickly communicate with candidates

Pull up the mobile app to quickly make a phone call without having to search for a candidate’s phone number. The Hire mobile app makes it easy to send and reply to emails with just a few clicks.


Download the Mobile App

Download Hire's mobile app to hire on the go.

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