March 2019 release notes


Employee referrals

Hire just made it easier for companies to get employee referrals. With our new feature, you can:

  • Submit referrals and track their status

  • Get notified when referrals are submitted

  • Learn about the candidate’s background

  • Easily see which candidates were referred by employees

Learn more.


Job requisition and offer approvals

Admins can now require approval before users publish jobs or extend offers. This gives admins more control and helps with auditing for compliance and budget-related decisions. Keep an eye out for more approvals and offers features coming soon. Learn more.


Free posting to Monster

Allow Hire to share your jobs with Monster. Learn more.


[Beta] Hire API and HRIS integrations

With the Hire API, you can build a custom integration with Hire for your HRIS system or take advantage of the integrations built by Sapling, Appogee HR, and Zenefits. Learn more.

The Hire API will allow you to:

  • Get applications, candidates, jobs, and custom fields from the Hire API to share with your HRIS or other external systems
  • Create, edit, or delete jobs with the Hire API

If you’re interested in using the API, learn more about getting started and requesting access. You can also view the API documentation at


Coming soon: upgraded reports

In April, Hire’s existing reports will be replaced with an upgraded set that makes it faster and easier to answer key questions about your recruiting process, such as: Where are candidates getting stuck in our process? What sources are most effective? Why are some candidates turning down offers?

If you’re interested in trying the new reports now, sign up for our early access program.

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