Configurable offer permissions

This article is for Hire admins only.

Configurable permissions allow you to set up offer permissions for recruiters, hiring managers, coordinators, and offer approvers.

By default, all admins and recruiters will have permission to edit and see offers for any candidate. These permissions for recruiters can be changed, while admin permissions cannot.

When approvals are enabled, users who are chosen to be an approver (which can be any user) will be granted partial access* to the candidate as well as seeing privileges to the offer, which cannot be changed.

Note: At this time, offer approvers will not have the ability to edit an offer. They will only be able to see the offer and approve.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Admin and then Permissions (Offer).
  3. Select the boxes under each user.
  4. Select Save.


Users with "edit" privileges Users with "see" privileges
  • Can upload and delete offer letters in draft and signed status.
  • Can edit an offer at any point.
  • Can send an offer for approval, cancel the approval, and add approvers.
  • Can email an offer letter to candidates.

Note: Anyone with edit privileges will inherit seeing privileges as well.

  • Can view offer letters in draft and signed status
  • Can view approval status and history.


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