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You can approve or reject approval requests in the Hire mobile app. However, you cannot create new approval requests, nor add approvers. Job approvals are viewable on the candidate’s profile page.

Approve or reject a job approval

If you are chosen as an approver in Hire, you can view any requests sent to you and approve them in the Hire Mobile app.

  1. Sign in to the Hire app.
  2. Tap Approvals.
  3. If you have any job reqs that you need to approve, tap Review.
  4. Select either Reject or Approve.
  5. Once approved, approval history will show in the Job details tab.
Tip: To view a job's description when approving a job, tap on the job title to be taken to the job's page and tap on Description to review the description. If you received a push notification, tapping on the notification will direct you to the job's page in the Hire mobile app where you can view the description.

Send an approval reminder

If an approver has not yet given their approval for a job, you can send them a reminder. There is no limit on how many times you can send a reminder to an approver.

  1. Sign in to the Hire app.
  2. Tap Jobs at the bottom of the screen or search for your job by tapping on Search Search in the top right screen.
  3. Select a job with a pending approval.
  4. Tap Job details.
  5. Tap Send reminder next to the approver you want to send a notification to.
    1. This will send a push notification and email to the pending approver notifying them they need to give their approval for a job.
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