Set up custom job fields

This article is for Hire admins

You can add custom job fields, such as headcount type or relocation bonus. Any custom field you add will appear on all jobs and will be presented when users create new jobs. These fields will show under “Additional details” in the job details section of a job. 

Each custom job field can be free text, multiple-line free text, multiple choice, or yes/no questions.

Custom job fields are not published to jobs externally, and all fields are viewable by all employees, unless limited access has been set. These fields are also included in the Applications and jobs data export.

If you’ve turned on job approvals, you can also choose whether each custom field is required for approval and if the field can be edited without requiring re-approval.

Add a custom job field

Note: When creating a custom job field, you can choose whether to allow all users to access the field or to limit access to job creators, hiring managers, recruiters, job approvers (if you've turned on job approvals), and admins. Permissions for job fields cannot be edited after the field is created.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Admin and then Field management.
  3. Select Add at the top of the page.
  4. Input the required fields.
  5. (Optional) Under "Job Approval", select the box next to "Require for job approval" if you have job approvals turned on and want the custom field to be required for job approvals.
  6. (Optional) Select the box next to "Require reapproval if edited" if you have job approvals turned on and want to require reapproval if the field is edited.
  7. (Optional) Under "Permissions", select the box next to "Visible to only a job's creator, hiring managers, recruiters, job approvers, and admins."
  8. Select Add.
  9. (Optional) You can also Edit Edit or Delete Delete a custom field. Standard fields cannot be deleted. However, you can edit the approval settings for standard fields by selecting Editnext to the field.

See how it works here

Remove custom job fields

Deleting a custom job field from the admin settings hides the value from the Hire interface, but it will remain saved in the system and be included in job data exports. 

If you delete a question and add it back, two columns will be created in the export: one column for responses the first time the custom field was added, and a second column for the second time it was added. 

If you would like to completely delete previously entered custom field values, you must also clear the values from each job individually. Clearing the value from a job will delete the value for that job, and it will no longer be included in job data exports.

  1. Navigate to Admin and then Field management.
  2. Select Delete Delete next to the field you’d like to delete.
  3. Navigate to Jobs.

  4. Select the job that is using the custom field value you want to remove.

  5. Select Job details.

  6. Under “Additional details,” select Edit Edit next to the desired custom job field.

  7. Clear the text field.

  8. Select Save.

Clearing the value from a job will delete the value for that job, and it will no longer be included in job data exports.
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