Employee referrals

This article is for Hire Admins

Encourage your teammates to refer people they know to your company by turning on Employee referrals.

Hire Admins: Enable Employee Referrals

Turn on employee referrals

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. On the left, select Admin > Employee referrals.
  3. Next to "Employee referrals," select Enable.
Note: You have the option to turn off this feature after turning on. Once turned off, employees will not have access to their referral history or be able to submit new referrals, but all previously submitted referrals will stay in Hire.

Add a description

Tell your team why referring candidates is important with a thoughtful description.

  1. Under "Describe your program," keep the description shown or revise it as necessary to reflect the needs of your company.
  2. Select Save.
  3. Below your description, under “Form settings”, you can switch the toggle on or off to require employees to submit a resume with their referral. It will be on by default.


How do I collect EEOC compliance data from candidates submitted through the referrals portal?

Only employees can submit candidates in the referral portal and are unable to fill out this information for candidates. If your team decides to move forward with a referred candidate’s application, you’ll have to collect this data from the candidate directly. Learn how to invite candidates to fill out the questionnaire here.

Are custom application questions, such as self-identification questions, supported in referrals?

Referrals are submitted by an employee and not the candidate. Since answers to application questions should be provided by the candidate, your company will need to decide how you want to collect this information from the candidate.

You could also have the candidate apply through your career site or wherever the job is located so they can fill out the custom application questions themselves. This will create a new application while still keeping the referral information, so long as you don’t delete the candidate profile.

Share and navigate to the referral portal

Once referrals are turned on, you'll be given a URL link you can copy and share with your teammates. This link will allow them to submit and track their candidate referrals in their personal Referral Portal. You can direct teammates here for instructions on how to add a referral and navigate to their Referral Portal.

Follow the steps below to share the Referral Portal URL:

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Admin and then Employee referrals.
  3. Copy the Referral site URL under "Share site link."
  4. You can paste this URL in an email or wherever else you communicate with your team.
  5. Once users click on this link, they will be navigated to their Referral Portal where they can add and keep track of their candidate referrals.
  6. You can select Visit referrals site to be taken directly to your Referral Portal.

Export referral data

You can analyze your referral data by exporting it to Sheets. Learn more.

Adding a referral without a job

Users are required to add a job to a referral. This creates a new referred candidate application. If a user wants to refer a candidate but doesn't have a job in mind, we recommend creating a general job in Hire that your teammates can easily choose when adding a referral. If you have jobs in multiple locations, you may want to set up a general job for each location so your teammates can specify which location the candidate would probably be interested in. Learn more on how to create a job in Hire.

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