Thanks for helping us improve Hire

With all the feedback we’ve received from customers like you, we’ve made a number of enhancements to Hire. See how customer feedback has impacted our releases here, or view all our monthly releases here.

We included some of our favorites below.

Latest features in Hire

Answer key questions with upgraded reports

Hire's new interactive reports make it easier to get the information you need about your recruiting process. Learn more.

Recruit on the go with the beta Hire mobile app

Hire's new beta mobile app is designed to put Hire's most important features at your fingertips, even when you're not at your desk. Learn more.

Source from your existing candidates with Candidate Discovery

Candidate Discovery enables companies to use the power of Google Search to evaluate their database of candidates and uncover talent that might be a fit for their current openings. Learn more

See how the feature came to life here



Recruit from your inbox with the Gmail Add-on

The Hire Gmail add-on allows you to access some of Hire’s features directly within Gmail, like adding candidates or using a template to respond to an email. Learn more.

Get qualified candidates from employee referrals

Now you can submit employee referrals and track their status in Hire. When you refer a candidate to a job, members of that job's hiring team will get a notification about the referral. This feature will allow the hiring team to learn about the candidate's background and easily see which candidates were referred by employees. Learn more.


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