July 2018 release notes


Smarter highlighting for resume screening

Hiring Teams and Sourcers can easily find terms they care about when reviewing a resume. There are two ways in which you can try this: 

  • Candidate Discovery users, those with Sourcing access, can do a search and click on the “view resume” action for any of the candidates in the results. You will see your search term and related keywords automatically highlighted on the resume. 
  • When reviewing applicants to a job with “resume highlighting” keywords specified, all users can now see keywords related to those specified highlighted in addition to the specified keywords. 


Premium option for streamlined job posting

For teams who frequently sponsor job postings or post to job boards beyond those that Hire already posts to automatically, we’ve partnered with eQuest to offer an additional premium job delivery option. 

eQuest provides automated posting to thousands of job boards around the world. When you create an account with eQuest, you set up which boards your company uses. eQuest charges a nominal handling fee each time you post or re-post a job. Your recruiters will benefit from time savings and less manual work of using trackable links to post to different job boards. Learn more


Once you’re signed up as an eQuest customer and enable the integration, posting a job through the service is as easy as posting a job today. You get the same candidate source tracking that you do today, plus reports from eQuest that show deliveries and views. 

Contact your sales representative or CSM to get a referral to eQuest to discuss the service. 


Export interview data for reporting

A new Export to Sheets option lets you analyze scheduled interviews and feedback. You’ll find it in the Reporting section under “Export Data.” The export includes 2 tabs of data: feedback, with ratings and comments, and scheduled interviewers, with a row for each interviewer invitation. Due to the sensitivity of some of this information, only admins can export these data. Learn more

Like the other exports to Sheets, you can use the Explore function in Sheets to get answers to questions about data. (Look for the  button in the bottom right corner of the screen.) Here are some questions to try: 


  • Who are the most common interviewers?
  • What is the count of each interview type by Job department?
  • What's the distribution of numeric ratings? 
  • What’s the average numeric rating by Job Title?


Turn on/off video conferencing

When scheduling an interview, recruiters and coordinators can now adjust calendar invitations to include or not include video conferencing details. Learn more


Private commenting between recruiters and hiring managers

As a recruiter or hiring manager on a job, you can now add comments that are limited in visibility to those roles and admins. Learn more


Understanding and managing access

The hiring team can now grant and remove access to candidate applications. Learn more


All users can now understand visibility settings within candidate applications. 


Updated posting flow

When posting a job, you’ll now be prompted to fill in any missing job information. Fields like description are required and must be completed to publish the job. 


Simplified Sourcer permissions

Sourcers can now manage all candidate applications except locked ones. Hire automatically locks the applications of candidates who were hired and are past their start-date. Sourcers can no longer see emails or past job offers (unless they have another role that grants them access).


[Beta] Native Mobile app 

Review new applications, call candidates, replace declined interviewers, and more. Interested in using the native mobile beta app? Sign up for early access.


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