June 2018 release notes


Analyze more data in Sheets 

Administrators can now export all applications and jobs to Sheets for deeper analysis. To get started, go to Reporting > Export data. 

Besides creating your own charts, pivot tables, and filtered views in Sheets, you can use the Sheets Explore function. It will suggest charts and tables to insert, and you can ask it questions like: 

  • “How many total candidates do we have for each department?”
  • “What's the distribution of Job Title by Source Details when Source is "Applied"?


Custom Interview Feedback Forms

Custom interview feedback forms enable you to add your organization’s evaluation criteria or categories to feedback forms. The evaluation criteria guides interviewers to write feedback based on role-related or company-wide criteria. Learn more.



Easily replace declined interviewers

Scheduling coordinators are notified when an interviewer declines, and they will now see interviewer suggestions from Hire so that they can quickly schedule a replacement. 





Candidate Discovery improvements


  • We heard your feedback and made improvements to how we interpret boolean operators (AND, OR). Learn more.
  • New onboarding tooltips reveals key Candidate Discovery functionality to users.
  • Discover now remembers the filters you last applied, so you don’t have to re-apply them. 
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