May 2018 release notes


Application form improvements

Configurable application forms just got better: 

  1. You can include multiple-choice questions on your forms. They’ll appear as a drop-down menu to candidates. Choose “multiple choice” when adding a question, and you can edit answers candidates will be able to see. 
  2. You can edit the label for a question after it’s been saved. 
  3. You can see candidates’ answers on the resume review page, in the lower left hand corner of the screen. 
  4. Hiring team members can add responses to the questions on the form, via the pencil icon on the Background tab in the candidate profile.

Guided help for Admin setup 

Hire now helps new admins through setup via guided help on their Updates page and other in-app pages. Learn more.

  • New admins see a “Getting started with Hire” notification in Updates once their role is assigned. A list of setup tasks appears, guiding admins to the proper pages to complete tasks
  • Guided help will appear on select pages the first time each admin visits the page.
  • Notifications appear to admins on Jobs, Candidates and Reports pages when setup tasks need to be addressed.



Candidate Discovery (Beta)

More good news: we improved Candidate Discovery. 

  • Search is smarter—with autocorrect 
  • Search terms are automatically highlighted in resumes when you view them from the search results page
  • Heavier weighting of recent work experience improves search results rankings
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