Access levels

Access levels to a candidate application

A user's access to an individual candidate application is determined by the combination of their System roles and if they're on a Hiring team or a Contributor. 

Unlimited access: Can see and edit all parts of a candidate application.

Extended access: Can see and edit the entire candidate application except for comments restricted to Recruiters and Hiring managers.

Partial access: Can see basic candidate details, but can't edit them. Can add and see comments and feedback, but can’t see confidential information (emails, restricted comments, etc.)

*If user has access to all the jobs a candidate has applied to 

**Coordinators can see emails, Sourcers cannot

Manage access to a candidate profile

Users with Unlimited or Extended access to a candidate profile can add or remove access for other users.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. On the left, select Candidates.
  3. Select the candidate's name.
  4. At the top right, select More More and then Manage access.
  5. To add access, type the name of the user in the search bar and then select the user's name.
  6. Next to the user or users whose access you'd like to remove, select Remove Remove.
  7. Select Save.


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