April 2018 release notes


Capture more info from online applicants

Now you can add more questions to job application forms. You can also set required fields and create different application forms for different jobs. (You’ll see candidates’ answers on their profile under the Background tab.) To configure application forms, go to Admin > Job applications. Learn more.

Make your jobs easier to find

Because jobseekers often search by location, we’ve improved how we use Google Maps technology to surface location suggestions. You can override the suggestions with a custom location—but custom locations won’t automatically surface for reuse. We also improved how locations display in the jobs list on your Careers site and when shared with Google Search.


More data in exports

Some report exports to Sheets and CSV files now include additional columns to help you analyze your recruiting processes. Application Date and Job Location have been added to the exports for Candidate Pipeline, Time to Hire, and Source Efficiency. Stage at Rejection has been added to the Rejection Reasons export. And finally, Start Date has been added to the Time to Hire export. 

Suggest interviewers

Now, when you’re scheduling an interview, you can select interviewers from a list of relevant suggestions. 



Exclude results from Candidate Discovery filters

We added the ability to exclude results based on: Location, School, Company, and Education. 




Conversion Rates report 

The Conversion Rates report calculations weren’t always accurate, particularly on the final bar for conversions from Make Offer to Accepted or Hired. And the export for this report to CSV or Sheets was missing some data. Good news: calculations were fixed, gaps in the export were filled in, and headers for Status Start Date and Status End Date columns were renamed Stage Start Date and Stage End Date for accuracy. 

Candidate Discovery (Beta)

More good news: we improved Candidate Discovery. 

  • Enhanced precision on job title matches
  • Improved inference of location based on candidate’s current place of employment or school
  • Support for searching email addresses 
  • Improved readability of feedback indicators on search results cards
  • Improved screen reader support


Something specific that you want us to improve? Share your feedback about Candidate Discovery here—or about any other feature here.


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