Export your organization's data from Hire

This article is for Hire admins.

We recommend that you export your data from Hire before you transition to a new ATS. This document outlines the data export process. The export may not include everything you’d expect, so please review this information carefully.  For more details of the data export format and processes, please contact the Hire support team.

Data Export Timeline

You will no longer be able to export your data after either your Hire subscription terminates or October 1, 2020 (one month after the Hire service itself expires on September 1, 2020), whichever comes first. 

Data Export Instructions

Note: In order to retrieve your data export from Hire, you must be a Hire admin. You will have the option to create and manage your export with Google Takeout.

Export from Google Takeout ​

To begin the data export:

  1. Go to Takeout.
  2. Follow the instructions to create an export.
    1. Select the checkbox next to the Hire product and select Next step.
    2. Select your preferred delivery method, frequency, and file type and size and select Create export.
  3. Your data is exported as a set of .zip or .tgz files according to your selected file type and delivery method. The export process can take anywhere from a few hours and up to a week to complete, depending on the volume of data stored in Hire. You will receive an email notification with a link to access your exported data when it’s finished. If your export takes longer than a week, please contact our Customer Support team.

Data Export Contents

Google Takeout

A data export created with Takeout provides the following items in your selected delivery method:

  • One or more .zip or .tgz files titled “Takeout-<timestamp>-<number>” containing JSON files. The files are organized according to the following objects:
    • Job applications
    • Job positions
    • Candidates and employees 
    • Custom fields
  • Within the same .zip or .tgz, a "documents" subfolder containing additional files that were uploaded to Hire, such as resumes, cover letters, and images associated with a candidate record. 
  • Only data stored in Hire is exported. For example, any Hire-related data stored in Gmail, Calendar or Drive (e.g., sent email, interview events, or offer templates) will not be included in this export.

Learn more about Google’s policies for data protection