Learn about reports in Hire

This article is for Admins and Reporters.

There are six main reports available in Hire: Candidate pipeline, Conversion rates, Time to hire, Source efficiency, Rejection reasons, and Diversity. Each report can be exported into Sheets. To export to Sheets, you must first connect to Google Drive.

Candidate pipeline—Shows you how many candidates you have in each hiring stage and helps you determine if you have a healthy pipeline.

Conversion rates—Shows you what percentage of candidates your company hires.

Time to hire—Shows you how long it takes for a candidate to move through your company's hiring process.

Source efficiency—Shows you which of your sources are most effective.

Rejection reasons—Shows you the reasons candidates are removed from the hiring process.

Diversity data—Shows you EEOC and OFCCP information about candidate diversity. Only available to users with compliance reporting permissions.

Access to reporting is restricted to what you can see in Hire based on your system roles and job permissions. Contact your Hire admin if you need a report for all candidates.
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