Use shared calendars to schedule interviews

Hire allows you to use a shared calendar as the default to schedule interviews. Shared calendars can help prevent cluttering your Gmail inbox with Google Calendar notifications. You must first create a shared calendar for your organization in Google Calendar before setting it as the default in Hire.

Set your shared calendar as the default

  1. Create a shared calendar for your organization in Calendar. 
  2. Share the calendar with all relevant members of your organization.
  3. Sign in to Hire.
  4. On the left, select Menu Menu and then Settings Settings and then G Suite features.
  5. If you haven't connected your calendar in Hire, turn on Google Calendar.
  6. Next to "Connected calendar," select Edit Edit.
  7. Select the shared calendar.
  8. Select Save.
Note: Every Hire user that wants to use a shared calendar must change their default calendar settings.

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