November 2017 release notes

A more seamless experience.

Recruit from your inbox

Ready? View and create candidates without leaving Gmail. Upload resumes and edit candidate details from your inbox. Visit the GSuite marketplace or our help center article to learn more and install. 



Compose emails in Hire

We made templates better. Now using an email template will not open a new browser tab.

Review new applications more quickly

Reviewing new applications is faster. Hiring Team members receive a summary of their unreviewed applications. Learn more.




Include Hangout link in your calendar invites 

We heard you. Now interviewers and candidates receive the same link to Hangout in their calendar invites. 


Share more job details 

Publish more info about your open jobs. 

  • Job category: whether permanent or temporary, whether full time or part time—share on Indeed, Glassdoor and via your public posts.
  • Salary: whether you’ve targeted a set salary or a salary range—share (if you want) the info for any given job. 

Upload an image to social media

Make your brand more visible. Upload an image to Hire and publish with your job listings on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Learn more

Take action on candidates from any list

Save time. Whenever a candidate is listed (in Updates, Collections, Job Lists, etc.) use the three- dot icon to open a menu of actions.