October 2017 release notes

It's a feature-rich October

Reject with one-click

We've made the process of rejecting a candidate faster and easier. Select a rejection reason, email template and time, and save the settings as your default. 



Send bulk emails

When you're in the candidates list on a job, or the Candidates tab, you can now initiate a bulk email to one or more candidates. Just click the checkboxes next to the candidates you want to email, then pull down the "Actions" menu and select "Email."



You'll be able to choose an email template that includes placeholder fields for candidate data. 

Add your company logo to job postings

You can now upload a company logo to your public job postings. Go to Admin > Company and use the "Company Logo" card. Your logo image should be at least 80 pixels wide and 80 pixels tall - but bigger is better! We'll scale it down to the right size for the job page. 


As soon as you upload a logo and save it, it will appear on your public job detail pages:  

Make the resume optional on the application form

Choose whether or not you want to require resumes from online applicants. When you create a job, look for the "Application form" option. By default, resumes are required; if you want to allow online applicants without resumes, just select "Resume optional."

In the past, clever applicants could enter a website on the application form and skip the resume upload. This will no longer be the case: if your job is set to "Resume required," it will really be required. (Recruiters can still add candidates to the system without resumes, however.)

Use rich text in email templates

Now when you create or edit email templates (Admin > Email templates) you can use rich text tools to add more styling and customization to the email content. 

Jobs feed for customer career sites

Your web engineers can now take advantage of a raw data feed of published jobs. This allows you to build custom job lists as part of your careers site, so that the look and feel fits your style and content needs. For more info, see this help center article.


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