July 2017 release notes

We're back—with new functionality.

Automatic job posting to Google Search, Glassdoor, and Indeed

By default, jobs will now automatically appear on your company career site, Google Search, Glassdoor, and Indeed once published. You can disable automatic posting of published jobs to Glassdoor and Indeed from the Job boards area. See this help article for more information about posting jobs to job boards.

Note: Jobs you post to Glassdoor and Indeed will begin to appear in Glassdoor and Indeed search results over the next several days. Starting sometime next week, any new jobs you publish will appear on Glassdoor and Indeed within one day—assuming the job description adheres to their quality standards.

Now you can specify the job location with help from Google Places

Specifying the job location just got easier. When you’re adding or editing a job, suggestions from Google Places helps you choose a location—an important detail to include when posting to job boards. See this help article for job board posting tips.

Location suggestions show the difference between a saved location (clock icon) and a new Google Places suggestion (map-pin icon).

To delete previously saved locations from your list of suggestions, mouse-over the saved location and select the X (appears on the right). This removes it from the suggestions list, but doesn’t remove it from any job.

Choose from pre-set email templates—or create your own

Quickly draft emails to candidates. We’ve added email templates across several categories—from Sourcing to Interview Follow-Up. You can add your own templates too, either for your use alone or to share with your team.

Personal settings and admin have a new home

Your personal and admin settings are now under the three-line menu (see top-left). You can manage and edit your email templates from both Settings and Admin.


Get a daily digest about new job applications

Now you’ll get a daily digest that shows the number of applications submitted for each job.

Reject multiple candidates at once

Now you can reject many candidates from the job pipeline page at once. 


Rapidly review resumes

Swiftly access resumes from the job pipeline. Hover over a candidate’s name, and click on the document icon to trigger the rapid resume review. Quickly review and qualify new applications. Make Advance / Reject decisions directly on the resume.

Step through all resumes in your pipeline from the resume-viewer directly, using the familiar document-viewer from Google Drive and Gmail.


Easily find synced emails

Emails synced from Gmail to Hire now have a “Hire” (rather than “Google Hire”) label.