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This article is for Hire Admins.

Enable/Disable posting to Indeed and Glassdoor 

Your published jobs will automatically post to Google Search and Glassdoor by default. Admins must enable posting to Indeed for jobs to be automatically indexed in Indeed's search results.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Menu Menu and then Admin and then Job boards.
  3. Next to "Post jobs to Indeed" or "Post jobs to Glassdoor," select Enable to integrate, or Disable to disable the integration.
    • If you choose to have Indeed enabled, it's required that you include an email address that's associated with your claimed company page. If you don't have a company page on Indeed, an email address is still required for verification. After selecting Enable, enter your email address to designate a point of contact for Indeed. You can edit this email at any time by selecting Edit .

Note: Posting jobs to Indeed and Glassdoor are subject to their terms and conditions. Enabling posting will publish jobs for free by inclusion in a XML document made accessible through a publicly available URL. Job boards will access this URL to ingest your job postings.

Sponsored job postings with eQuest

Hire has partnered with eQuest to allow customers to sponsor their job postings for premium placement on job boards. Hire customers must first set up an account with eQuest before they can start using sponsored job postings. Learn more about eQuest

Trackable links for other job boards or websites

If you'd like to post your jobs to other job boards or websites and track applicants through Hire, a trackable link will need to be created. These links allow Users to track applications received from each job board via the "Publishing" tab.

Learn more about job boards

Having issues with job boards? Here's more information on how to post to job boards.

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