Expand candidate profiles with Google Search

This article is for Hire Admins.


Use Google Search to expand candidate profiles

You can allow Hire users to use Google to search the web from within a candidate's profile to find publicly available links about the candidate. A Hire Admin must enable this feature for the company. ​Enabling this feature means that a web search will be run by default for each candidate. Individual Hire users can edit the search once enabled.  

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Menu Menu.
  3. Select Admin and then Google integrations.
  4. Next to "Expand candidate profiles using Google Search," select Enable.
  5. To hide one of the default sites, uncheck the box next to the site.
  6. You can add a custom site by typing its URL into the blank field.
  7. To add more than one custom site, select Add URL.
  8. To delete a custom URL, to the right of the URL, select Delete Delete.  
  9. To apply changes, select Save.
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