Bill processing through G Suite

Hire is an add-on product for G Suite customers only. To pay for Hire, you’ll need to use the same billing channel you use to pay for G Suite. Learn more about payment methods.

Billing plan

Hire offers an annual 12 months agreement, paid monthly.  

The number of Hire licenses for your domain is based on the number of 30-day active G Suite users in your domain. You can't reduce the number of licenses (and therefore your monthly payments) until your commitment is up and it's time to renew your subscription. 

Frequently asked questions 

When do automatic payments occur?

Once your paid subscription begins, we begin charging your payment method at the beginning of the following month. If your paid service begins in May, for example, we charge you at the beginning of June. After that, automatic charges continue to occur at the beginning of each month.

How do I renew my account?

You can update your Billing settings to automatically renew your subscription at the end of the year, or you can opt to manually renew your subscription. Just don't let your subscription expire or your Hire service will be suspended.

What happens if my automatic payment fails?

If your automatic payment ever fails, you have 30 days to update payments or your Hire services will be suspended. You can prevent suspension by keeping your primary payment method up to date.

If your service is suspended, you can lift your suspension by updating your payment method and paying off your balance. After 30 days of nonpayment, Hire licenses are terminated. Please work with your G Suite administrator to ensure that user licenses stay active.

Your G Suite account and Hire account will use the same billing information. This means that if one account is suspended, the other account will also be suspended. 

How can I cancel my account?

If you no longer want to use Hire services, you can cancel your subscription at any time from within the Google Admin console.
  1. Sign in to the Google Admin Console.
  2. Select Billing.
  3. Scroll down to Hire, on the right, select Actions and then Cancel subscription.
  4. Select Continue to confirm your cancellation.
To see Billing, you must be signed in as a G Suite administrator with Domain settings privileges. 
If you cancel your subscription before the end of your commitment, you'll have to pay a closeout charge (the remaining amount of your commitment). If you cancel your G Suite account the system will also require you to cancel Hire and any other G Suite add ons. 

Where can I see my monthly Google Hire billing details?

 Hire billing information will appear as a separate line item on your G Suite monthly bill. 

Who should I contact for support?

G Suite Support will support billing and Admin Console issues. Hire support will support any product related questions or issues. 
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