G Suite administrator: Connect to Hire

To begin setup, a G Suite administrator needs to connect to Hire by following the instructions below. The G Suite administrator only has permission to connect Hire to G Suite, until they are assigned a role by the Hire Admin. Your company decides who your initial Hire Admin will be when you setup your Hire account. Learn more about Hire's user permissions. 

Connect Hire to G Suite

API access must be enabled in the G Suite Admin console before connecting Hire to G Suite.

  1. Once you have purchased Hire as an add-on subscription and received confirmation, go to https://hire.withgoogle.com.
  2. Select Sign in with Google and enter a G Suite administrator account. This is your Hire login.
  3. Select Admin and then Google integrations​.
  4. On the Connected Apps page, select Connect.
Note: Connecting G Suite to Hire doesn't notify people in your company about Hire.
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