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Getting started with jobs

Jobs page

Find the job you would like to view. On the job's page, you can view your candidate pipeline and update a candidates's status in the Candidates tab. You can view and edit important information under Job Details, including members of the hiring team and the job's hiring process. Click Description to view or edit the job description. Keep tabs on trackable posts under Publishing.


Review Resumes

Step through all resumes in your pipeline from the resume viewer directly, by selecting the document icon  next to a candidate's name. This will leverage the document viewer you are familiar with from Google Drive and Gmail. From here you can:

  1. Select Advance to change the hiring stage.
  2. Select Reject to reject the candidate.
  3. Select Previous or Next to move from one candidate to the next.



Bulk reject

You can reject multiple candidates at once from your job pipeline page.

  1. Select the candidate(s) you would like to reject.
  2. Select Actions > Reject.
  3. Select a rejection reason.
  4. Select Next.
  5. (Optional) Select Send email to active candidates. Choose from your rejection email templates to send a rejection email to the candidates. 
  6. Select Reject



Adding candidates

Add a brand new or an existing candidate to a job from the job's page. You can also Publish, Duplicate, Close, or Delete the job from here. 


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