Create a job

This article is for Job Creators and Admins.

Create a job

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. On the left, select Jobs.
  3. Select Create job. You must be a System Admin or a Job Creator in order to view this button. 
  4. Enter the title and location for the job. If you'd like the job to appear on a job board like Indeed or Glassdoor, you must enter a complete address with a street number, city and state. If you use locations like "Remote" or "Work from home," your job may not appear on those sites.
  5. At the bottom, choose whether a resume is required or optional. You can also:
    • Enter a REQ ID. If you have enabled autofill, you can edit the autofilled REQ ID here.
    • Select the Department or enter a new department.
    • Select the Job type and Job time.
  6. Select Next.
  7. Enter the description and select Next. (Optional)
  8. Add the Hiring team and select Next. (Optional) Note: Anyone you add to the Hiring team will be able to view and edit the job and the candidates that apply for this job.
  9. Select the Hiring Process for the job.
  10. Select Create job to post the job internally.
  11. Select Done. You can edit your jobs at any time.
  12. Post the job to your company career page. (Optional)
Note: Filling out the Department field will ensure that your jobs are categorized by department on your careers page and not placed under "Other."
Did you know that you can include a link to your company's terms of service and privacy policy in the job description? Candidates may look to these documents to understand how data associated with their applications may be used by you and any third parties you share their data with, like Google.  


Add salary for a job

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Jobs and find the job you want to edit.
  3. Select the job title and then Job Details.
  4. Under "Salary," select Add.
  5. Add the salary information for the job.
  6. Select Save.

Duplicate a job

You can copy details from an existing job to a new job.

  1. Find the job and select the job title.
  2. On the job's page, select More More and then Duplicate.
  3. Create the job, as described above.
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