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You can leave and review feedback for your candidates anytime during the interview or screening process. Members of a Hiring team can see all feedback as it is submitted. If you're an Interviewer, feedback from other Interviewers becomes visible to you only after you submit feedback.

Leave feedback

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. On the left, select Candidates.
  3. Select your candidate.
  4. On the candidate's profile page, select Feedback and then Add Feedback.
  5. Select Interview feedback or Screening feedback. Screening feedback should only be used for phone screens and do not include evaluation criteria.
  6. Enter your feedback.
  7. Select Submit.
Note: All members of a hiring team will receive a notification and email after feedback is submitted for one of their candidates. You can configure feedback email notifications by job in settings. Learn more

Feedback permissions

To ensure privacy, candidate feedback is automatically locked. If you are an interviewer and not a member of the hiring team, you must submit your own feedback before you can view feedback left by your colleagues. Only members of a hiring team will have permission to see all feedback. These permissions will only kick in if an interview is scheduled inside of Hire.

You can hover over the Preview Visible to anyone who can see this candidate in the feedback box to view which users have access to feedback.

Review feedback

You can see all the feedback for a candidate who has interviewed for your job.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Jobs and find the job the candidate interviewed for.
  3. On the job's profile page, select the candidate's name.
  4. On the candidate's profile page, select Feedback.
  5. If you see a Lock in a feedback box:
    1. If you are an interviewer, select add your feedback and follow pages to submit your feedback.
    2. If you are on the hiring team, you can select view feedback now to unlock candidate feedback.

Feedback reminders

A feedback reminder email is sent to anyone who has interviewed a candidate if feedback is not submitted in two hours after an interview. 24 hours after an interview, anyone on the job's hiring team can send a reminder to leave feedback.

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