Review upcoming interviews

This article is for Interviewers.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Click Schedule and then Your interviews.

Your interviews

When a hiring team member invites you to an interview, you can accept or decline the interview. To keep things running smoothly, we suggest that you respond to the interview invitation and leave feedback within 24 hours.

Respond to an interview invitation

When the hiring team invites you to an interview, you get a Google Calendar invitation. You can accept or decline the invitation within calendar as you normally do. The hiring team can see your response to the invitation in Hire.

Prepare for an interview

You can review the profile for a candidate anytime throughout the hiring process. Thirty minutes before the interview, you'll get an email reminder for the interview.

  1. Open the reminder.
  2. Click the links in the reminder to review the job description and the candidate's resume.
  3. Review the interview topics and confirm the meeting room (if the scheduler included them).
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