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How to: Scheduling interviews in Hire


Before you notify a candidate about an interview, you can schedule an interview to confirm the availability of your interviewers and meeting rooms.

You must connect to Google Calendar to use this feature. 
  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. On the left, select Schedule and then Schedule interview.
    If you haven't connected to Google Calendar, select Connect and choose the calendar from where you want to send meeting invitations.
  3. Add the interview details.
  4. Select Let's go.
  5. Under "Interviewer availability," start typing the name of an interviewer and select them from the list to see their availability. Repeat to add additional interviewers.
  6. Under the Interviewer's calendar select a time for the interview.
  7. In the new window, enter the location and topic (Optional).
  8. Select Add.
  9. Select Review. 
  10. To change the interview type, under "Interview type," select the Down arrow Down Arrow.
  11. To change the feedback form, under "Feedback Form," select the Down arrow Down Arrow and choose Screen form or Interview form. Screen forms only include rating scales. Learn more about feedback forms
  12. At the bottom, select Add video call link to the invite to include a link for a video interview. (Optional)
  13. Select Send invites.
Note: Sending an invitation to interviewers will not send an invitation to the candidate. Learn how to invite candidates to interviews.

At the top of the Schedule page, the interview date shows accepted Accepted when all interviewers (and meeting rooms) accept an invitation.

Replace an interviewer

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. On the left, select Schedule and then Scheduled by you.
  3. Select the interview date.
  4. On the interview card, select More More and then Replace interviewer.
  5. Under "Current interviewer," select the interviewer that needs to be replaced.
  6. Under "Replacement," start typing the name of an interviewer and select them from the list to see their availability..
  7. Select Invite.

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