Publish a job

This article is for Admins and members of the Hiring Team.

Create and publish your jobs

Publish a job to your company careers page

Publish jobs so that they appear on your public-facing career site.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Jobs and find the job you want to post to your company career page.
  3. Select the job title.
  4. At the top right, select Publish.
  5. Select Publish.
    To see all jobs published externally, click Jobs and then View published jobs.

Track applicants

You can view where your jobs are posted and see how many applicants have come from each job board. Admins can enable or disable automated posting to Glassdoor and Indeed.

  1. Sign in to Hire.
  2. Select Jobs and find the job you want to view. Make sure the job is published.
  3. Select Publishing
  4. Under "Search engines and integrated job boards," you can see where your job has been automatically posted. By default, all published jobs automatically post to your company careers site, Google Search, and Glassdoor. Admins can enable posting to Indeed in the Admin section at any time.

Note: There will be a delay before jobs are available on Indeed and Glassdoor:

  • Glassdoor will ingest jobs at least once per day. 
  • Indeed will ingest jobs multiple times per day.
  • Jobs will be subject to each job board's posting quality standards and posted on their site at their discretion. 
  • The status for Glassdoor and Indeed will remain as "Pending" until a candidate applies to the posting. 

Post to additional sites through trackable links

Trackable links allow you to post published jobs to additional sites and job boards in order to track applicants through Hire. Before a trackable link can be created, a Hire Admin must first add the job board or website to the Admin section.

Learn more about job boards

Having issues with job boards? Here's more information on how to post to job boards.

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