Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions overview

Hire uses system roles and job permissions to determine access within the app. System roles are used across the app, while job permissions are unique to each job. It's possible for a user to have multiple system roles and job permissions depending on how they're positioned within their organization's recruitment efforts.

All Hire users are considered Regular users until a Hire Admin assigns them to a system role, or they're granted job permissions. Regular users can log in, edit personal settings, and view all jobs.


Full permissions chart

See the chart below for all privileges users can be given:
  System Roles Regular users with job permissions

Hire Admins

Job Creators

Reporters Compliance Reporter  Hiring team (Recruiters, Coordinators, & Hiring Managers) Interviewers & @mentioned Regular user: No job permissions

Manage company & users

view & edit company settings; view, manage & edit user roles


Create jobs & candidates

create new jobs in the system; create new candidates & consider them for your job(s)





Run & export reports

create and export reports for candidates








Edit jobs & consider candidates

edit job information & status; edit job's hiring team; create new candidates & consider them for the job; consider other candidates you have access to for the job​















Edit job applications

add resumes; schedule, edit & delete interviews; edit, delete & send reminders for pending requests; edit application status; edit candidate info; enable email ingestion to send and receive emails from the candidate; view emails between the candidate and hiring team members




















View job applications

view application; view candidate info & name of other applications; add messages & feedback; send requests; add/remove candidate from lists

















Access system

login; edit personal settings; view all jobs










View & export diversity data

create and export reports with candidate diversity data



*only to jobs user has access to   **only if user is on the hiring team or created that particular job


Assign system roles

Hire Admins are responsible for assigning users system roles. Appropriately assigning system roles to Hire users helps keep your data safe. See below for more information about system roles:

  • Hire accounts are created automatically for all G Suite users for whom the service is enabled in the G Suite Admin console. 
  • Regular G Suite users from your company are imported as Hire Regular users. Regular users can only log in and see a list of open jobs.
  • Only Hire Admins can assign system roles to users.


After setup is complete, you will need to inform users that they can access Hire at Hire does not notify users automatically. 

Assign job permissions

Hiring team

Job Creators and Hire Admin can invite users to join a Hiring team for a job. When creating a new job, you can assign users to the following roles on the Hiring team: Recruiter, Coordinator, and Hiring Manager. Job Creators, Hire Admin, and members of the Hiring team can edit the Hiring team members at any time after the job has been created.

Note: All Hiring team roles have the same job permissions. 


Job Creators, Hire Admins, and Hiring team members can invite users to be Interviewers. Interviewers are not considered part of the hiring team and cannot edit the candidate's profile.


Members of the Hiring team, Job Creators, and Hire Admins can tag users by @mentioning them in the Comments section of the Candidate Profile (i.e. @JohnSmith). @mentioning is a useful way to share a candidate with someone who is not on the Hiring team or an Interviewer. Users who have been @mentioned are not a part of the Hiring team and cannot edit the candidate's profile, but will be able to see all feedback and activity on the candidate's profile.


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