Transaction fee

Helpouts charges a flat 20% transaction fee on all paid, non-Health Helpouts. There is no transaction fee for providing free Helpouts. Currently, healthcare Helpouts aren't charged transaction fees.

How does the transaction fee work?

  • The transaction fee is included in the amount paid by the customer and is deducted from the amount paid out to the provider of the Helpout. For example, if a Helpout costs $20 USD, the transaction fee is $4 USD and the provider is paid $16 USD.
  • The transaction fee is calculated on the net price of the Helpout. This means that it does not apply to any taxes.
  • Cancellation penalties are subject to the standard transaction fee.  
  • In case of a provider-issued refund, the transaction fee is refunded proportionately to the amount refunded. If the provider issues a full refund, the full transaction fee is also returned to the customer.
  • A provider can see a transaction details, including amount of transaction fees charged, in Your earnings under Your Helpouts

Why does Google charge a transaction fee?

The transaction fee covers credit card fees, the cost of offering users a 100% Money Back Guarantee, paid advertising and promotion, and the cost of running Helpouts.