Review and approval process for a listing

Once you submit a Helpouts listing, it'll go through a review process to ensure it complies with Helpouts policies.

Steps in the review process

  1. We'll confirm you've followed and agreed to the Helpouts policies. If you are a providing a medical service as a regulated healthcare professional, a third party also will check your certificate or licensure.
  2. Next, we'll review your listing and introductory video.
  3. Afterward, you'll be notified by email whether your listing was accepted or not. Please allow 1-2 weeks for your listing to be reviewed.
  4. If your listing was not approved, we'll provide some advice on what needs to be changed

Submit changes to approved listings

If you make any changes to an approved listing, you'll need to re-submit your listing for review. It'll be reviewed again within one business day. If you're making changes to an existing, approved listing, the approved version will be available until your changes are reviewed and approved.

Possible reasons your listing may fail the review process

  • Helpouts policies were violated
  • Credentials were not sufficient