Exploitation of platform

We will not allow Providers to exploit Helpouts or use it for purposes other than the honest promotion of services that truly provide value to Customers.

Examples of exploitation include:

  • Scammy, spammy, or otherwise questionable business practices, e.g. offering identical or duplicate listings; posting scraped content (content that is copied from another source); including affiliate links in listing descriptions; engaging in arbitrage by sending Google users to your website for the primary purpose of showing ads; promoting business models designed to create artificial user traffic; distributing spam; or violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Non-traditional conditions or incentives, e.g. offering services in exchange for positive reviews or other non-financial compensation, using a listing primarily to gain a social network endorsement from the user, making services conditional on an unrelated action
  • Using the Helpouts platform in a way that harms other users or yourself.