Helpouts policies

Fee avoidance and chargeback resolution

Helpouts requires that Providers pay a transaction fee for paid Helpouts, when required. If transaction fees are not paid according to the Helpouts Terms of Service, access to Helpouts may be suspended or terminated.

Providers and Customers on Helpouts are prohibited from any fee avoidance behaviors, including but not limited to:

  • A Provider requiring a Customer to pay for a Helpout outside of Helpouts.

  • Promoting a personal or professional website to direct Customers away from Helpouts to another online venue to complete the transaction for services.

  • Including direct contact information, like phone numbers and email addresses, in a Helpouts listing.  

  • Requiring a Customer to make an additional purchase or action outside of Helpouts to receive a service.

Quite simply, we believe that attempts to avoid transaction fees can put Customers at risk of fraud or abuse (and thus creating a poor experience for the community).

Purchases or transactions made outside of Helpouts aren't eligible for the protections provided by Helpouts, including:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Chargeback resolution (see more on that below)

Chargeback Resolution