Create a Helpouts listing

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You can create Helpouts listings, choose the times and dates you're available, and start connecting with people around the world, in just a few minutes.

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To create a Helpout listing:

  1. Go to Helpouts.
  2. Click Your Helpouts and select Create a new listing.
  3. Select a Category for your listing. Learn more
  4. Click Add a listing photo. You have several options for a photo: upload one, use one from your Google+ profile, or take a snapshot.
    You will need to crop the photo to an aspect ratio of 16:9. We recommend a resolution of 1280x720. Minimum required is 640x360.
  5. Click Add an intro video. You have several options for a video: upload one, use one from your Google+ videos, record a video, or pick one from your YouTube videos.
    We recommend that the intro video be under 60 seconds in length.
  6. Click Edit pricing. Your Helpout can be free or paid. You can also enable First Helpout Free so that new customers can try out your Helpouts for free. Learn more about pricing options.
    If this is your first time offering a paid Helpout, you’ll need to set up a Google Wallet Merchant account.
  7. Enter a Title and Description for your listing. Review the editorial standards on our policies page.
  8. In the About me section, enter at least three details that describe relevant experience and education.
  9. Healthcare providers only: Check the box in the Healthcare Helpouts section and provide additional details about your Helpout and qualification. Learn more
  10. Click Preview to see what your Helpout listing will look like. Click Send for review when you're done.

After you submit a listing, it'll go through a review process to ensure it complies with Helpouts policies. Once your listing is reviewed (approximately 2-3 business days), we'll send you an email letting you know whether the listing was approved.