Why is my product getting zero points?

You've done a ton of work, entered in all of your information and submitted it, but your product is showing zero points.  What's happening?

There are few nuances in the system that you should double check.

1) Have you actually published the HPD?

This is the most common issue we see with products not getting the points they should.  If you filled in an HPD (vs enter a certification), you need to both publish the HPD and submit the information to Google in order to achieve points.  Please see 'What is the difference between 'Publish HPD' and 'Submit to Google'?' for more information.

If you navigate to the product edit screen, you'll see an option in the right hand menu for 'Preview and Publish HPD'.  If you don't see that option, you may be in the product summary page- click on 'Edit This Product' to get to the right place.  

Once you're in 'Preview and Publish HPD', you'll see a screen similar to the one below.  If, like the one below, you don't have a published HPD, you won't get points for your product.  Publish your HPD (click on 'Publish HPD') and you'll see the points update.  You'll need to then submit the product to Google.

2) Does your disclosure threshold meet Google's criteria?

If you filled in an HPD, you need to disclose your product ingredients to a certain threshold in order to meet Google's criteria.  Please see 'How do I report my ingredients to Google's minimum disclosure threshold?' for more information.


These are the most common reasons that we see products showing up with zero points.  If you're still having trouble, please email buildingmaterials@google.com and we can help you troubleshoot.  

If you found any typos, grammatical goofs, or misinformation in this article, please email your feedback to buildingmaterials@google.com and include the URL for this page


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