Google Healthy Materials Selection Criteria

Google’s Healthy Materials Selection Criteria

The Google Healthy Materials Program evaluates all building products and materials through a rigorous screening process and uses criteria based on established industry standards that value transparency and material health.

Products that meet these criteria are available to be specified and procured for Google design and construction projects around the globe.

Industry standard and certification leads to greater choice

Based on established standards and certifications including Health Product Declaration, GreenScreen, and Cradle 2 Cradle and aligned with LEED version 4 rating system, the Healthy Materials Program’s material health and transparency criteria is based on:

  • Ingredient / chemical inventory and disclosure
  • Ingredient / chemical hazard assessment
  • Material optimization
  • Transparency

Google rewards transparency

With product scores indexed according to transparency and material health, higher levels of transparency and material health result in higher product scores.

  1. Using the Healthy Materials Tool, product information using one of the following paths will be considered:
    • Health Product Declaration (v1.0)
    • GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals
    • Cradle to Cradle Certification (v2.1.1 and v3.0)
  2. Using real time feedback, information submitted will be used to score the product using the material health and transparency criteria.
  3. Google’s global design and construction teams will use the product’s score to guide their material selection process.

Specific Product Scoring

These matrices show how products are scored in each of the different paths. This video explains the scoring system further.

HPD Scoring

GreenScreen Scoring

Cradle to Cradle Scoring

Note: The material health program category level is the only level taken into account when scoring.  For instance, your product might have an overall level of bronze, but your material health category might be at a gold.  Your product is scored in our system at the gold level!

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