How do I delete my product?

Deleting a product permanently deletes all data associated with that product. If you've entered a product by mistake, entered a test product or have a duplicate product, deleting is a good option.  

If your product was previously selected by a project team, you will be asked to archive the product instead deleting it. Status will be updated accordingly in Google project lists.

If your product has been discontinued or replaced by a new product, archiving the product might be a better option for you. Archiving keeps the product in the system but isn't viewable by Google project teams. You can unarchive it at any time. You can also copy data from an archived product to a new product, which is especially handy if you have a new product with similar characteristics!

To delete your product, just go to the summary page for the product in question.  On the right hand side there is an option to delete the product.  Right above that is the option to archive it.




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