Get notifications from Google Drive

You can receive notifications in Hangouts Chat about activity in your Google Drive.

Enable Google Drive notifications​

  1. On the left, click +Find people, rooms, bots and enter Google Drive.
  2. Select Google Drive from the list of suggestions. 
  3. Click Yes to turn on notifications.

When you enable notifications, you'll receive a direct message to tell you about the following  Google Drive events:

  • A new file or folder has been shared with you
  • A new comment or action item mentions you or is assigned to you
  • A user has requested access to a file you own
  • You're close to running out of storage

Turn off notifications

To stop getting notifications about Google Drive:

  1. Send any direct message (such as "hello") to the Google Drive bot.
  2. In the response, turn notifications off.

Send another direct message to the Google Drive bot to turn notifications back on.


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