Rooms vs. group messages

You can use a room or a group message to chat with two or more people. To help you decide which to use, this article describes the differences between group messages and rooms.

  Group messages Rooms
Who can chat After starting the chat, can't add or remove anyone Can add and remove anyone at any time
Conversations Single unthreaded conversation Multiple, threaded conversations
Message history History can be turned off (messages removed in 24 hours) or turned on (messages follow your organization's retention policy), subject to the admin's settings. Message history is on, and messages are retained according to your organization's policy
Name List of other members' names, e.g. "Brenden, Ann, Rosa" Room creator chooses name, e.g. "Marketing chat"
Notifications Users are notified for every message Users are notified for conversations they're in, or when @mentioned
Leaving Users can't leave, but can hide the chat in the sidebar Users can leave and rejoin
Multiple with same users Can't have two group messages with same set of people Can have two or more rooms with same set of people
Bots Bots can't be included Anyone can add a bot


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