Get started with bots

Bots are special accounts you can chat with, just as you would with people. Bots provide a conversational way for you to connect to services in Hangouts Chat, such as looking up information, scheduling meetings, or doing tasks.

Google creates and maintains some bots, such as the @meet and @drive bots. Other bots are created and maintained by third-party software vendors. Your G Suite administrator controls the use of bots in your organization.

Find bots and add them to Chat

You can find bots available in your organization and add them to direct messages or rooms.

  1. Open Chat.
  2. In the Bot section, click Add Add.
    The bot catalog opens.
  3. Find a bot you want to add by reviewing the list, or enter the bot name in the search box.
  4. Click the bot card.
  5. Click Message or Add to room.
    • Message—Opens a direct message with the bot.
    • Add to room—Shows a list of your rooms. Click the rooms to add the bot to, and then click Add.

Bots you add show up in the Bots section of your Chat window.

Create bots

For information on creating custom bots for your organization, go to the Hangouts Chat API documentation. For your organization's guidelines on creating bots, contact your G Suite administrator.

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