Attach a file to a message

You can attach files from your computer, mobile device or Google Drive directly to Hangouts Chat messages. You can send files up to 200 MB in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WBMP and HEIC format. You can’t send certain files (details below).

When you attach a file in a room, all members of the room and anyone who joins or is invited to the room later, can comment on the file.

  1. In Chat, go to the message or conversation and choose an option:
    • To attach a file from your computer, click Upload Upload
      The file is not added to Drive. Other users receive the file directly in the message.
    • To attach a Drive file, click Google Drive Google Drive.
      When you share a file in a room or group message, everyone has access to comment on the file.
      Sometimes a message to you might be blocked due to a potentially unsafe file. If you're sure that the file is safe, you can ask the sender to upload the file to Google Drive. Then, send it as a Drive attachment
  2. Select the file that you want to send.
  3. Click Send Send.

File types blocked in Chat

There are several reasons why you might get an upload error in Hangouts Chat. Chat blocks files that might spread viruses, such as executable files or certain links. To keep up with harmful software, Chat regularly updates the file types that aren’t allowed.

You can’t attach certain types of files, including:

  • .ADE, .ADP, .APK, .BAT, .CAB, .CHM, .CMD, .COM, .CPL, .DLL, .DMG, .EXE, .HTA, .INS, .ISP, .JAR, .JS, .JSE, .LIB, .LNK, .MDE, .MSC, .MSI, .MSP, .MST, .NSH .PIF, .SCR, .SCT, .SHB, .SYS, .VB, .VBE, .VBS, .VXD, .WSC, .WSF, .WSH.
    This list includes any compressed form (.gz or .bz2 files) or files found in archives, such as .zip or .tgz files.
  • Documents with malicious macros.
  • Password-protected archives whose content is an archive.
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